Soke Target Sports Club

Starting Shooting

Small-bore Rifle Shooting using .22 calibre rimfire ammunition. We also have an active .177 Air Rifle/Pistol section but the rules below still have to apply. 

Getting into competitive target sports is easier than you may think, you just have to come to terms with the fact that small-bore target shooting using .22 calibre rimfire ammunition is the only Olympic Sport that’s regulated by UK Criminal Law.

Once you have your head around this and recognise it’s for everyone’s benefit, you’ll find that your club will help you sail through the necessary bureaucracy.

I say “your club” but as a potential beginner you probably don’t have a club yet, no problem, after reading this just "contact us" and we'll take it from there.  You must be a member of an appropriate target sports club before you can start target shooting.

Now for the boring bit.  You need to be aware of the fundamentals imposed by UK Law.  It’s mandatory to comply with Section 21 of the Firearms act (see separate link) which basically states that if you have been convicted of a crime it could preclude you from handling firearms or ammunition.  For this reason, you can only join a club initially as a provisional member  whilst your details are checked out by the County Constabulary.  Then, you can attain full membership only if you get the all clear from the Police and you have satisfied your club committee that you are suitable for membership.

Whilst this all sounds very arduous, don’t forget, it’s in everyone’s interests to make sure that anyone who handles firearms are both legally entitled to and can demonstrate they can use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

Having satisfied the formalities, the fun starts here.

The Soke Target Sports Club will provide the necessary fully qualified instruction and coaching and will provide all the equipment you need to get started.  You’ll find this a very cost effective and rewarding way to enjoy your first foray into target shooting.

It just remains for me to wish you every success and the best of luck.