Soke Target Sports Club

Beginner packages

We have a active beginner package which start budding shooters off on a very good standing. 

We have this in both .22 rimfire and .177 air rifle/pistol sections.

These would be organised by the secretary and the relevant trainer / coach in the section you wish to start in.

We are still feeling our feet with new members, and additional people from within the club are taking up the role of helping people like youself though that first time down the range.

Future options might include gift packages for loved ones subject to the relevant section 21 / police checks.

The club is also working on a improved handout /  starter pack which would be sent out to beginners ahead of any beginner sessions. Some helpful advice on what to expect, layout of the session and time frames.

We are also looking at what options for enabling shooting for everyone through the use of extra equipment.